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Oklahoma Social Studies Framework

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Introduction to the Oklahoma Social Studies Framework

Welcome to the OKSocial Studies Framework

With the adoption of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Social Studies (OAS-SS) in the spring of 2019, it has been the priority of the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to ensure all Oklahoma educators are provided with the opportunity to deeply understand the intent of the standards, while supporting educators with a vision and resources that promote effective implementation of the standards.


For this Framework, a writing team of experienced Oklahoma educators have analyzed the standards' learning objectives and have provided guidance for focus, instructional tasks, and resource recommendations. For each objective in the new OAS-SS, the OK Social Studies Framework provides an Objective Analysis, which includes a brief summary of the objective. In addition, each objective provides examples of Teacher Actions and Student Actions, which incorporate the Social Studies Practices with Social Studies Content, as required by each objective. The Framework's Key Concepts and Common Misunderstandings provide additional guidance for student mastery of each objective. Included in this Framework, the writing team has also provided samples of Lesson Ideas and Inquiry-Based Tasks, accompanied by recommended primary and secondary instructional resources to support ambitious teaching and learning in the social studies classroom. Such recommendations are not intended as an exhaustive listing of instructional resources, but merely represent suggestions from reliable sources in the field of social studies education.

Grade-Level Frameworks


Other Key Resources from the OSDE



Meet the Framework Writers 

The Social Studies Framework Writers are Oklahoma educators who were selected from a large pool of applicants. The process for application and selection included criteria related to knowledge of the content and practices of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Social Studies, as well as classroom experience, professional leadership, and curriculum development. The process of selecting the very best social studies educators contributed to an effective and dedicated group of educators reflecting a diverse range of experience and expertise. 

Meet Framework Writing Team Phase 1.

Meet Frameworks Writing Team Phase 2. 

Meet Formative Assessment Writing Team Phase 3.




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