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Grade K Social Studies Content Standards (redirected from Grade K Content Standards)

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Engage in Democratic Processes 

Analyze and Address Authentic Civic Issues 

Acquire, Apply, and

Evaluate Evidence 

Read Critically and Interpret Informational Sources 

Engage in Evidence-

Based Writing 

Kindergarten Content Standards

K.1 The student will exhibit traits of good citizenship.


K.1.1   Describe the importance of rules, personal responsibilities, and natural consequences as a member of a family, class, and school.

K.1.2   Identify ways to be an active member of the community.

K.1.3   Identify the United States Flag as a symbol of the country, explaining the stripes as symbols for the first states and the stars as symbols for the current states in our country.

K.1.4    Identify the purpose of the Pledge of Allegiance and explain appropriate flag etiquette.

K.1.5  Identify other important United States symbols including the Statue of Liberty located in New York Harbor. 

K.2 The student will demonstrate knowledge of basic physical and human geographic concepts.

K.2.1   Explain that a globe is a model of the Earth and that a map is a drawing of a place; construct basic maps.

K.2.2   Identify basic cardinal directions and relative location terms.

K.2.3   Identify the shape of the state of Oklahoma on a map.

K.2.4   Explain that the school is part of a larger community and one’s community is within the state of Oklahoma.

K.2.5   Describe what makes one’s community alike or different than other communities. 

K.2.6   Describe family and community customs and traditions as basic elements of culture. 


K.3 The student will understand that history relates to events and people of other times and places.   

K.3.1   Explain how events of the past may have affected our community and the way we live today.

K.3.2   Explain how we honor people and events of the past.

K.3.3   Use words and phrases related to chronology and time to explain how things change including before/after and yesterday/today/tomorrow.

K.3.4   Explain that different types of sources can be used to learn about the past. 

K.4 The student will identify basic economic concepts. 

K.4.1   Describe the basic needs of all people: food, clothing, and shelter; differentiate between these needs and a want.

K.4.2   Explain the relationship between work and earning money.

K.4.3   Identify ways that people use their money, including spending and saving.

K.4.4   Explain how various community members including police officers, firefighters, soldiers, school personnel, business professionals, and medical personnel impact the student’s life.

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