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Grade 3 1-2, 3 3-4

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Oklahoma Academic Standards: 
1. The student will analyze the traits of good citizens.

3. The student will analyze the significant historic personalities contributing to the development of the state of Oklahoma.

Objective 1.1.2 Explain that tribal governments in Oklahoma have a right to self-government known as sovereignty.

Objective 3.3.4 Identify cultural similarities and differences of the existing sovereign tribal nations in Oklahoma, especially those near the local community.

In a Nutshell

Each community in Oklahoma has been influenced to some degree by the American Indian cultures. Students should compare features of indigenous cultures, especially the Indian cultures of their immediate communities in order to fully appreciate the strength of a community's diversityIt is also important for students to realize that the many Indian tribes and their citizens who reside within the state are independent and sovereign nations with an equal status to the national government. Students should understand the right of Indian nations to make laws and provide services for members of their tribe.

Teacher Action 

Student Action 

  • Assist students in being able to describe the basic structure of government at the state level with relationship to tribal governments. 

  • Assist students in generating a list of topics of interest and individual questions regarding the role tribal governments play in maintaining Indian identity and culture.

  • Organize information found during group or individual research regarding the main purposes of tribal governments using graphic organizers or other aids

  • Explain why all informed citizens should participate in solving community problems by examining how tribal governments serve specific needs of their communities.

Key Concepts 


  • tribe, nation, American Indian, sovereignty, self-rule, self-determination, dual citizenship, communal land ownership
  • Some students and community members might misunderstand the relationship of tribal governments to state or national levels of government, viewing tribal authority as within the realm of state authority; when, in fact, tribal governments possess a nation-to-nation status with the federal government.

  • Some students might struggle with grasping the concept of dual citizenship that many Oklahomans and Indian citizens possess.

  • Some students may assume that rights to self-government were given to tribes by the United States as opposed to the concept that sovereignty is inherent and existed prior to European settlement.

Instructional Resources

Access suggested instructional resources correlated to the standard and objective.


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