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OKH 5-9

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Oklahoma Academic Standard 5. The student will examine the Oklahoma’s political, social, cultural, and economic transformation during the early decades following statehood.

Objective 5.9  Summarize and analyze the impact of mobilization for World War II including the establishment of military bases, prisoner of war installations, and the contributions of Oklahomans to the war effort including the American Indian code talkers and the 45th Infantry Division.

In a Nutshell

While students have limited understandings of the second World War, the learning objective focuses on the direct impact of the war effort on the state of Oklahoma in terms of the economy, society, agriculture, and industry. Students should understand how World War II’s military bases helped stimulate Oklahoma’s economy from a crippling depression to economic prosperity, as well as the fact that many Oklahomans served their country and impacted generations to come. 

Teacher Action 

Student Action 

  • Assist students with evaluating and understanding how complex events related to World War II changed the economic development of the state.

  • Facilitate students to analyze various primary sources in order to  assess the significance and impact of military servicemen, such as the Code Talkers and the 45th Infantry, to the war effort.  

  • Evaluate economic data using charts and graphs comparing Oklahoma’s economy prior to and following World War II in order to assess the role state resources and labor played in the war effort.

  • Assess the significance and impact of individuals and groups throughout national and world history, tracing the continuity of past events to the present. 

Key Concepts 


  • Comanche codetalkers (WWII) and continued work of Choctaw codetalkers (WWI), Normandy Invasion, Pacific Theater

  • 45th Infantry Division, Oklahoma National Guard; Italian Campaign, victory in Europe, liberation of Dachau

  • Oklahoma servicemen honored for the sacrifice, such as Private First Class Manuel Perez 

  • military installations, such as Camp Gruber, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant

  • air depots, such as Tinker Field, Vance Air Force Base

  • POW camps housing German prisoners of war, use as local labor source 

  • Students will possess limited prior knowledge of World War II; however, the standard does not require extensive study of the war's causes or military turning points. Its focus relates to the specific contributions of Oklahomans to the war effort, as well as the impact of war mobilization on the state's economy.

Instructional Resources

Access suggested instructional resources correlated to standard and objective.

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