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WH 6-3

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Oklahoma Academic Standard 6. The student will evaluate contemporary global issues and challenges.

Objective 6.3 Describe the impact of trade and interdependence on cultural diffusion.

In a Nutshell

It is important for students to understand how and why cultural diffusion occurs as a result of interactions such as those developed through global trade patterns. Students should also consider the impact of cultural diffusion on indigenous cultures, ways of life, and economic activities, including a study of how technology and social media has increased the speed and extent of cultural diffusion.

Teacher Action 

Student Action 

  • Provide students with opportunities to evaluate how globalization and the expanding use of scarce resources contribute to conflict and cooperation. 

  • Assist students to analyze the connections between historical events and the geographic contexts in which they have occurred, including the causes and processes of changes over time.

  • Actively engage in asking and answering geographic questions by acquiring, organizing, and analyzing multiple sources of data and information about the world’s past and its present conditions. 

  • Explain how changes in transportation, communication, and technology affect the diffusion of ideas.

Key Concepts 


  • World Trade Organization
  • cultural diffusion, innovation, increased productivity
  • cultural detachment
  • multiculturalism
  • Some students may draw inaccurate conclusions that global trade organizations promote trade and innovation around the world on an impartial basis.

  • Many students might mistakenly assume that multiculturalism negates and diminishes national or ethnic identity. 

Instructional Resources

                                                          Access suggested instructional resources correlated to standard and objective.                                                                 



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