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USH 6-2 C

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Oklahoma Academic Standard 6. The student will analyze the origins of international alliances and efforts at containment of Communism following World War II.

Objective 6.2  Describe domestic events related to the Cold War and its aftermath

   C. Evaluate the continuing role of radio, television and other mass media in relationship to the Nixon and Kennedy debates as part of the 1960 and subsequent elections. 

In a Nutshell

Students should understand the revolutionary impact of television on politics, as reflected in the 1960 presidential debates which were the first in history to be broadcast. Students should also examine the significance of media in modern elections and the importance of televised debates as a permanent staple of American politics.

Teacher Action 

Student Action 

  • Guide students in analyzing the possible consequences , both intended and unintended of the  impact of mass media on American politics.

  • Assist students in analyzing information from visual, oral, digital and interactive texts, images of political campaigns and how they affect public opinion. 

  • Actively listen, evaluate, and analyze a speaker’s message, asking questions while engaged in collaborative discussion related to the  changing role of media in elections.  

  • Evaluate potential bias and conclusions reflected in early mass media political campaigns.

Key Concepts 


  • increased exposure of candidate to voters through mass media

  • power of media to influence elections, such as setting public agenda and crafting candidate identify 

  • media as essential element of successful campaign 

  • Many students cannot imagine the electoral process without mass media's influence; however, as future voters, recognition of why and how media can impact voter behavior is important. 

Instructional Resources

Access suggested instructional resources correlated to standard and objectives.

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