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USH 8-2

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Oklahoma Academic Standard 8. The student will analyze the impact foreign and domestic policies from 1977 to 2001.  

Objective 8.2  Analyze the economic and political impact of the rise of conservatism and President Reagan’s domestic and foreign policies including Reaganomics, the Iran-Contra Scandal and Reagan’s Tear Down This Wall speech in West Berlin.

In a Nutshell

After decades of war, civil unrest, and economic hardships, Reagan promised to usher in “A New Era of Prosperity” which included an economic plan of tax breaks to create jobs, based on a “trickle-down” theory of economics. Students should develop an understanding of Reagan’s endurance through scandals, as well as public favor enjoyed during victories. This objective also requires examination of the Reagan administration’s aid to rebels in Nicaragua despite the lack of congressional approval.

Teacher Action 

Student Action 

  • Facilitate students in constructing arguments using a combination of evidence for and against the economic philosophy and impact of "Reaganomics." 

  • Provide students with opportunities to analyze how various governmental powers, responsibilities, and limitations are enacted and how they operate.  

  • Evaluate the extent to which historical, cultural, and global perspectives affect the author’s state or implied purpose reflected in historic speeches, proclamations, and documents.

  • Construct arguments using a combination of evidence for or against an approach or solution to an economic issue.

Key Concepts 


  • ideology and policies influenced by the "Moral Majority"

  • theory and practices related to "supply-side" economics

  • devolution of the Soviet influence 

  • arms embargo, congressional oversight, National Security Council, Central Intelligence Agency, secret arms sales to Iran, "shadow" government 

  • Most students will have limited knowledge of the controversies and scandals of the Reagan administration nor of the efforts of the media and Congress to enforce public policy and manage foreign relations.

Instructional Resources

Access suggested instructional resources correlated to standard and objectives.

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